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Window Washing

The first step in the window cleaning process is to clean the exterior of the window. We begin by accessing the window. We’re equipped to access all window heights and window orientations, from ground level windows all the way up to multi-story windows. If the window has a screen it is removed from the window and cleaned. Screen cleaning starts with a brushing of the screen utilizing a stiff brush to remove heavy dirt and debris. We use a wet rag to wipe both sides of the screen, and finish by wiping the screen frame completely clean.


To clean the window itself we use a wet-bar soaked in a bucket of all-natural soapy water and scrub the glass. If necessary, we use specialty scrubber pads and even window-cleaning scraper blades to remove heavy debris. Once the window is well scrubbed, wet, and soapy, we remove the water using professional window washing squeegees and a professional technique to pull the water off the window and leave the glass clean and streak free. Next, we wipe the water from the edges of the window with lint-less towels. Finally, we wipe down and scrub clean all frames, sills, and tracks. The screen is replaced.

We provide professional window cleaning services in Los Angeles and Riverside County cities. Please contact us 310-908-7020 if you have questions about our window cleaning services, or request a quote for pricing information.


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